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Call us to inspect your plumbing to find what’s causing your drain stoppage and resolve the issue.

We are experts at finding out what is causing drain issues and providing the best solution.

Many times a drain can be experiencing backflow and flooding due to something as simple as hair getting stuck in the shower drain. Yet other times the stoppage can be caused by a bigger issue. We offer free camera inspections in order to find and provide the best solution possible. This allows us to understand what is causing the issue inside of the drain prior to using any drain cleaning machinery or equipment.  There may be tree roots or other objects penetrating the pipe that could cause more damage if handled incorrectly. Inspecting the drain also allows us to show you what is inside in order for you to understand the solution that is needed, the scope of the work, and the rate for service.

We will never begin any work without first having your approval.

We have all the necessary equipment to provide your drains with the cleaning they, remove any blockages and prevent further stoppages.


Do you have damaged pipes that you’re worried about repairing? J & M Plumbers offers trenchless repairs and replacements that can take care of the problem on your residential or commercial property without needing to excavate. Our process is minimally intrusive so no damage is done to surrounding areas. It’s a long-lasting and effective way to repair pipes without having to dig up your yard. It also works well around:

  • Concrete slabs
  • Pools
  • Patios

We provide trenchless pipe repairs and replacements for sewer or other drain pipes that require service. Our services also include pipe bursting and pipe lining. The openings required to perform each of these methods are much smaller than traditional methods used in the industry. This means that it’s not necessary to destroy your landscape in order to perform the repairs or replacements required.

What are trenchless pipe repairs and replacements?

Trenchless pipe repairs and replacements are methods of repairing or replacing piping underground. The trenchless methods used mean:

  • No need for pits
  • No need for open trenches

These methods are used to replace piping for:

  • Water Lines
  • Sewer Lines
  • Gas Lines

Pipe Bursting

What is pipe Bursting?

One of the best ways to replace pipes that are below ground or pipes that are old, is to use the method of pipe bursting. The method requires a bursting head to be pulled through the existing pipe that is old or perhaps damaged. The pipe bursting head that is pulled through has a larger diameter than that of the replacement pipe which is being pulled behind it and through the old pipe. The new pipe is pulled through the old meaning the new pipe is not being dropped and buried into the ground using traditional methods. This eliminates the need to dig large areas or have trenches. The process only requires an opening of approximately 2 – 4 ft.

Pipe Lining

What is pipe lining?

Pipe lining is a method of replacing old pipe by doing exactly what it says, lining the old pipe with new pipe. The method is formally known as cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) and there are two methods used in the industry. There is the option of Pull-in-Place (PIP) as well as the inversion method.

How do these methods work?

The pull-in-place method involves a liner being pulled through the old pipe using a cable that has been run through the existing old pipe. The liner is pulled along the cable to the area where the relining is needed. It lines the old pipe with an epoxy resin coating that becomes the new pipe and is then cured though methods using steam or water. This method can be used on much smaller pipes down to 2″ in diameter.

Inversion involves liner tubing being folded inwards and then fed through the drain. Most commonly, this method is used for drains that are larger since the product can’t be fed into small existing pipes and then inverted inside. Once the liner has been fed into the old existing pipe, air is blown through it and the liner is allowed to cure and harden.

Our recommendations

We recommend using the Pull-in-Place method for most cases as the method allows the lining of only certain sections of pipe whereas the inversion method provides less control and can’t be used to line small custom sections of pipe. However, if it’s a larger pipe such as a drain, it may be perfectly acceptable to line the pipe using the inversion method.

We strongly recommend the use of these methods to repair or replace your pipes that are old or damaged. The new piping is jointless preventing tree root intrusion as well calcification due to the material the lining is made of. This will maintain your pipes in great condition for much longer as opposed to having used traditional pipe replacement methods. These trenchless methods will also save you many headaches associated with the destruction of your landscaping and any additional costs involved in its repairs. These processes will also save you money in the long run as they will maintain your pipes in better conditions, last longer, and are not susceptible to tree root intrusion or calcification.

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